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Tamara Carroll offers a multitude of classes and personal coaching sessions to help you unlock God's potential in your life and increase your intimacy in worship of our creator. Let’s learn what it feels like to really listen, connect, and create with God. There is no pressure because we are creating with Him, listening for His instructions, and painting while praising and worshiping Him with your love and adoration! It’s a beautiful experience.  Come expectant for what you and God will create together!

No art experience is required for the art workshops, and all supplies will be provided unless otherwise noted. Classes can accommodate large or small groups and, when your minimum guest count is paid, the hostess' class is free!  Online classes are available and the supply list will be provided at the time of payment.

Reduced prices for large groups. Get in touch for more details!

Create Your Blueprint 12 Week Program

Everyone has creative ideas. There is no limit to how your creativity can be expressed because we are made by the Creator in His image! Don’t be surprised when Holy Spirit helps you discover something new that’s inside you. 

Join this program which is about resurrecting and unfolding dreams, hearing God through that untapped or undeveloped creativity.

Curriculum Outline & Testimonials


Restorative Art Workshop

During this workshop you will have the freedom of using art as a way to connect with God and heal wounds and lies. Through this inner healing workshop, God moves powerfully and touches people's hearts, releasing creativity and bringing lasting healing and breakthrough. You will be given prompts with questions on what to ask God as you paint your healing and receive His truth for you.

(3 hours) No experience necessary.

Prophetic Art - Intro

Understanding prophecy is just the beginning of this exciting in-person session, as we seek to learn ways that we can hear from God through creativity. Everyone participates and paints on each other's canvas, journaling what God is saying for that person. Through this experience you will learn how to prophesy and how to create with Holy Spirit.

(1.5 hours) No experience necessary.

Prophetic Art  - Beauty from Ashes

We will worship, pray and paint your testimony. We will be painting and seeking God to show us where He has been before in your life, what He is doing now and what He is saying to you about your future. Come expectant to be activated and released to meet Him in a new and creative encounter. (3 hours) No experience necessary.

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Paint Your Prayers Workshop

In this unique workshop, we will be meeting with God to express our prayers to Him through painting.  There will be prompts to help you hear God for the people or situations you are praying for.  We will be asking God to show you His redemptive power and the truth in His eyes.  Whether you are a prayer warrior or seeking His comfort, you will leave feeling His fire and power over your prayers. 

No experience necessary. (2 hours)

Worship Art

At this creative workshop you will learn what it feels like to deeply listen for His promptings and create with the Holy Spirit while engaged in worship music. Worship Art brings the visual aspect to the worship
music. This class will also prepare you to paint at conferences or churches during worship. You will learn how to posture your heart towards the Lord to hear He wants you to bring to the visual portion of
worship. You will also learn the difference between religious art, prophetic art and worship art.
(2 hours)  No experience necessary. Certificate available.

A Dance With Your Father

Testimonies and Examples

In this workshop, we will be connecting to the heart of the
Father just for you! There will be an activation teaching to help
you express colors for your emotions and with tenderness, we
will create a painting together as we “dance on our Father’s
feet” as He expresses His love towards us as His daughters.
This is not a technique style class, rather it is a time to encounter
and hear God as you create a painting through the Holy Spirit.
No experience is necessary. (2 hours)

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