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Personal Prophetic Painting

Your Personal Prophetic Painting includes your  canvas, digital photos of any layers, as well as written prophetic word. Please familiarize yourself with the process in "Product Info"

Personal Prophetic Painting

  • I want to share the process with you so you have full understanding of the steps I take with the Holy Spirit.  First I will pray for you and ask the Lord what He wants to bring forth.  Next I will put on worship music and continue to pray for you and as the Lord leads, I listen intently for what colors and shapes to paint.  I journal through each layer and take pictures along the way. This is important and different than what others offer in that you will receive a multi-page copy with digital pictures and the meaning of each layer.  Sometimes the paintings do come quickly and there are only a few layers or even one.  It’s all up to what the Lord brings forth!  After the paining is finished, I will sit with it again and ask the Lord if there is anything else He would like to share with you.  This is so much fun because He always gives me identity words, sometimes a calling and sometimes a word of knowledge where I can help lead you through a place of wounding for inner healing.


    What you will receive from me:

    • A painting – size dependent on what you choose
    • A typed prophetic word – usually several pages long
    • Documented digital pictures of each layer and the meaning
    • Follow up sheet on how to walk out your prophetic word
    • Certificate of authenticity
    • Optional Zoom Presentation
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